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Question: I am a developer working with our Basis and Security guyts. We are converting our 3.1 system to 4.6 but I am running into a problem with being able to use Utilities -> Table Contents -> Create Entries for a Custom tables. The flags are checked for Table Maintenance Allowed. One has a Delivery Class of A the other one has a Delivery Class of C. In both cases, I get message "The system settings do not allow any changes" Everything in SE11 looks identicle to the settings in our 3.1 system. The help text for the message I am getting refers to system settings in SE06 and SCC4, but we cannot figure out what to change. The Basis guy changed a setting to "Production" but that did not work. In our old system we used this functionality in our Production system with no problems.

Any help would be appreciated.



Change the talble setting to 'L' Or regenerate the table maintenance screens.

Just tried changing the table setting to "L" as suggested. Still get the same message.

go in SE06
click "system change option"
change global settings to "Modifiable"
choose Edit -> software components modifiable
choose Edit -> namespace modifiable
choose Edit -> namespace modifiable
Click Save

Try again, if it doesn't work:

go in SCC4
Go in modification mode (pencil with glasses icon)
double-click on client number.
click on "automatic recordings of change"
click on "Changes to repository and cross-client customizing allowed"
click on SAVE icon.

Try again.

keep us posted. take note that these settings shudl no be opened on a production system.

We tried the changes outlined by Snowy for Transaction SE06. This did not fix the problem In our 3.1 system ( where we can do the table maintenance ) SCC4 had these settings Category = Production Changes and Transports for Client Dependent Objects = No changes allowed Client Independent Object Changes = No changes to Repository and client-independent custom. obj.

Make sure every kind of change is allowed in scc4 (ie change those "no changes allowed" to "changes allowed") and try again.

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